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Has Online Education turned out to be a good method to learn English?

Has Online Education turned out to be a good method to learn English? The world is changing. It's changing rapidly. To survive, there should be a change in the way we believe and behave. Changes are inevitable. Online Education's popularity and acceptance are the evidence for such changes. A crucial adaptation is imminent. English is a language , instead of that English was chosen. People all over the world, especially in India which is a multilingual country, understand the importance to have a common language to communicate. That is why many people chose to learn English even if they were not taught about it in their childhood. So, coming to the general method of learning English – An individual has to find a place to go and learn the language. This can be effective, if the person is ready to spend more time as required for the process. But when it comes to this era of modernization, people can’t find time to go through this process, because of their age, work, time, hesitation, etc. This is where, the idea of teaching English, through a platform that is commonly used, popped up. As many people use smartphones, the widespread use of apps to communicate, was found as a way to implement. The application “WhatsApp” became the platform. On deciding how the language should be taught in a useful way, syllabuses were planned and courses were formed such as: -Beginner -Median -Competent & -PDIT & SS Based on the assessment results of the students who enroll, they are put in the respective courses and trained accordingly. As an online institution, where students can learn from their own places, convenient time and individual trainers to guide and train them, we have gained positive responses. We have successfully completed more than 135 batches. The result of this online training can be viewed on our official website and also on our official Facebook page where the students/trainees have given their feedback which are true and genuine as they take it from their experiences.

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