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Online education/ Virtual learning

Online education/ Virtual learning- A brief discussion: Why should we value online education? We are well aware of the fact that Covid- 19 and various other strains of virus had fettered the freedom of attending classes directly. A lot of students had to take a break from learning due to the stringent lockdown ordinances. In addition to that, kids were totally kept away from getting their basic education, which forms the very basic foundation of their educational journey. In such cases, online education was the sole saviour which prevented their lives from getting wasted. Flexibile timings and their benefits: In a life with full of busy schedules, one finds it really hard to get access to value addition courses. As they are busy working for their companies, they hardly get time to make time for updating their skills and knowledge. With or without time, any employee is expected to regularly update his/her skills that are considered to be mandatory by the employers. Such kinds of scenarios cannot be disposed of by the institutions that offer only offline classes. Online classes offer a great assistance in such cases and consequently, there can be umpteen perks for the people who utilise the opportunity. Making impossible dreams possible: Have you ever wondered how virtual learning gives a helping hand for numerous home makers who don't have an opportunity to learn as offline education demands more time and support? With various courses being offered online, they manage to make time for learning new skills which can even make them financially independent. As a matter of fact, this can substantiate their whole family's financial status and there's no wonder about it. Disadvantages of online education: Can we ponder over some downsides of virtual learning? ••So, the most important disadvantage that it can have is the inability for students to have a complete inter personal rapport with teachers. ••Communication that is done online can sometimes lead to misunderstanding and delay in achieving learners targets. ••It can also make learners lose the seriousness in learning, which can make them underestimate the importance of the course that they wish to learn. Should we really worry about the drawbacks of online education? To be very honest, we need not be worried about the negatives of online education, because they are specific and not generic at all. They can be overcome easily, provided the person has sheer commitment towards learning. As it is said, " Every coin has two sides ", online education has also got its own merits and demerits. But to our delight, we need not be too much concerned about the defects of online education as it has more advantages to offer, if taken seriously. To conclude it, it can be said that virtual learning has a lot of advantages like getting access to value addition courses, life skills, communicative and soft skill training and a lot more. Thus, giving a big thumbs up to virtual learning can be a good opportunity for the people who don't want their busy schedule to disrupt their desire to learn.

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