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How can language be learnt?

Learning a foreign language especially English turned out to be extremely beneficial. We cannot regret that skills and talents of every individual can only be cultivated by interacting with people. Moreover, it opens up an ocean of employment opportunities. The knowledge of a foreign language improves your personality, mental skill abilities and sense of self worth. When you leap into the process you may find that learning a foreign language is tough and it involves a lot of a brain exercise even so it heartens your persistence and consistency. Everyone starts the process with the same question: How should we learn a language? Learning languages differs from scientific and numerical studies. Here I am giving you a few ideas which help you learn in a better way. =>Break your barriers - Fear of grammar is the biggest barrier for the learners. If you start concentrating on grammatical errors you may feel hesitant and lose your confidence. Indeed Grammar has primacy but if you focus on speaking fluently, prioritise the confidence to speak whether it is right or wrong. Break your hesitation and try to speak out with the English knowledge that you have. => Be comfortable - Create a comfortable ambiance to practice your language. Have regular conversation with your colleagues and be sure that you are far from demotivators. => Habituate yourself - scheduling time and sitting to study is good but they are not enough to improve the fluency level. To show you what I mean I would prefer a quote of Billy cox "Results can only change when we change our consistent actions and make them habits ". Spend your time watching videos with and without English subtitles, reading books and listening to podcasts. => Find pleasure - A great learner should be enthusiastic enough about his practice. Stop pushing yourself towards English. Conversely, find pleasure on it. Remember, your effort is the reflection of your interest. Nothing can be done creatively without showing love towards it. = > Strengthen your word power -  Vocabulary is the ultimate base for good fluency in English. So, give priority to vocabulary in all aspects of your learning process. 'Slow and steady' is the best method to strengthen your word power. So, learn a new word everyday. => Don't compare - comparison is good sometimes but in this process it may become your demotivator. I would like to mention a quote of GB Shaw " There is no such thing as ideally correct English". As he said do not compare your language with others. Furthermore, stop comparing English with your mother tongue. We should get help from our native languages but not everywhere. Every language has its uniqueness. => Remind your intention - Certainly, there will be an inevitable objective behind your decision to learn English. Nothing can prompt you more than your intention.  Often remind yourself why you started to learn English. Happy to learn!

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