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Have you ever thought that learning English is a piece of cake

Have you ever thought that learning English is a piece of cake? Have you ever listened to All India Radio news in English? This morning I woke up to the All-India Radio news which is a feasible way for all of us to learn English through listening. There is no doubt that listening is the first step in learning any language. Language is a common chair where everyone can sit. I live in an apartment. It has people of different professions. The AIR news had been broadcast. I didn’t know from where I heard that exactly. I strode and saw from my balcony, a row of autos that usually stand in front of my apartment. I got to know that one of the autos had been playing the radio. Two persons were standing near the auto. The auto driver and his son. I know them for two months. His ward studies in the school where I worked previously. The auto driver could barely read or write. He had a deep desire to speak English fluently. The auto driver was cleaning the auto and his face had no signs of listening to the news which had been blaring. His son near him was keen on listening to the news. I wasn’t amused by the situation and turned away. Suddenly, there was a burst of loud laughter. It was the auto driver. His laughter was a response to the news of an elephant that pretended to eat a woman’s hat. His son wouldn’t get why he was laughing. To my surprise, the auto driver made it so soon. It depicts that when you have a strong desire to learn something, you will find a way. The man could speak and understand English as he took constant efforts in learning. He communicates with lots of foreigners as he takes passengers mostly from the airport nearby. We were beholden by the olden adage that only educated people could learn to speak English fluently. Find your way and ride in it. “Developing a global language can create a common platform for all of us to share our experiences effortlessly and it won’t harm the development of local languages,” says, Times of India. In the olden days, learning was difficult because the only way you could learn was to go to schools/ institutes where you have to sit and learn. But now technological developments have made learning easier. It is bridging the gap. Digital learning is booming worldwide. English is one of the essential needs in professional growth as well as in daily life. AngloFone is making it easier for you. Learn English from anywhere with us. No age limits and no professional eligibilities are required, only a deep desire is needed. You found your way now. Learn English with personal assistance from our qualified trainers. Expert knowledge at your hands to aid you to grow your career. Fluency is just a step ahead if you are persistent. REFERENCE: English & Indian: Promoting a global language doesn’t harm development of local languages (indiatimes.com) Benefits Of English In Professional growth in Workplace – Punekar News

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