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Are you a good communicator?

We give information daily, sell our products, ask for help, persuade, form bonds, and share feelings. What are these? These come under one term COMMUNICATION. Communication is the essential part of every living being through any means. In that way we can distinguish communication into 4 major types. 1.VERBAL 2.NON- VERBAL 3.VISUAL 4.WRITTEN. Verbal communication is the use of words in any language. It can be the art of listening, speaking with confidence, and being friendly during conversation. It can be improved by developing our tone and pace of voice and being clear in our idea. The way you say and express words play an important role in this type. On the other hand Non verbal communication is showing interest in others and communicating through our facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, postures and apperance. Improving our personality and level of confidence by good clothing and handling moods can make you a good communicator. Let's see about visual and written communication. Visual communication deals with the tools which we use to display our ideology. For example pamphlets for advertisement, professional presentations, pictorial representations are types of visual communication. These tools are used to convey information. The best way to communicate through visual tools is by using attaractive words and radiant colors. The message put in the platform should be clear and concise. On the contrary, written communication is the written format of message for communication. E-mails, Notices, Letters, Messages are the examples of this type. Using formal phrases for official written communication should be practiced. Spellings and grammar should be checked before sending a message. "Communication works for those who work at it." Have practice to improve your communication.

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