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  • 15 February 23 , 4:37 PM|
  • Charu

We all know that technology has become a major part of our lives. We can use those things to improve our English. One of the most famous technologies is Google Assistant. In this blog, let's see how to use Google Assistant in an effective way to improve our English. GOOGLE ASSISTANT Google Assistant is a virtual assistant software application developed by Google. It acts as our personal assistant. It helps us set reminders and alarms, manage our schedule, and much more. But we can also use this to learn and improve our English. WHERE CAN I FIND IT? On the latest mobile phones, we can find Google Assistant as an in-built application. If it's not available, we can download it from either the Play Store (for Android) or the App Store (for iOS). HOW CAN I IMPROVE MY ENGLISH? 1. IMPROVE YOUR VOCABULARY If we need to find the meaning of a word, we'll use either a dictionary or Google. We can use Google Assistant and search for the meaning of the word using voice control. We can also learn the example sentences, pronunciation, and spelling of the word. 2. TONGUE TWISTERS If we need to become fluent in a language, tongue-twisters are the best choice. You can just say, "Hey Google." "Tell me a tongue twister." You can practise and improve your fluency. 3. IMPROVE YOUR LISTENING SKILLS Using Google Assistant, we can also improve our listening skills. We won't find time to read the newspaper or books, but we'll have interest. For those people, Google Assistant is the best option. We can just say, "Hey Google." "Tell me a story/ Play NDTV news." You can listen to stories/news while travelling and during free time. 4. INTERPRETER MODE In Google Assistant, we have a special feature called "Interpreter Mode." In this mode, we can translate words and sentences into our regional languages so that it will be easy for us to understand the words and sentences. 5. DAILY ENGLISH PHRASES We always wish to learn some new phrases in English. Just say "Daily English Phrases" in Google Assistant. We can practise those phrases and their pronunciation. We can also turn on the notifications so that we won't forget to learn new phrases.  In this generation, we can't live without technology. Our lives depend on these technological things. We all feel insecure when conversing with others because we think that we'll make a mistake and that people will judge us. These applications will help us overcome those fears, and we can practise by ourselves. So, utilise these applications to enhance your English. 

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