Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) What is the speciality of your method of teaching?
A: We teach simple English but in an effective way. The reason is, we don't use grammar titles of any kind like simple past, past perfect, etc. We use real life English as a lot of our students have started to speak in a far better way than they have ever imagined. We are happy for that.

Q2) How do you teach?
A: We teach English through the WhatsApp application as it is the only accessible and prevailing mode of communication. People of all ages become our students and as you know, WhatsApp is friendly for any. We post Audio, video and textual files as the materials, and later, you have to send your homework or tasks to your trainer through WhatsApp. They will speak to you on phone, will correct your tasks, will clear your doubts & will help you throughout the course.

Q3) Are there different categories?
A:Yes indeed, after candidates complete their assessment tests before enrolling, they will be guided according to their efficiencies as well as their proficiency level by our Student Counsellors who will say in which category you belong.
Categories are
1) Beginner.     (Starter)
2) Median.       (Average user)
3) Competent. (Good user)

Q4) For how long each Course will be?
A: Beginner - 2.5 Months
     Median -   3 Months
     Competent - Depends on the speaking skill.

Q5) How about the timings?
A: The process can be carried out round the clock. Students can do their tasks after listening to the lecture files any time they wish. Neither the geography nor the time zone affects their learning process. That's why we say, this is a tailor-made course for people who can't go to an institution and learn this pivotal language. We Welcome anyone who knows just to read and write in English which we consider as the base qualification.
But your trainers will be available from 9 AM - 9 PM IST. They come in the morning and will send the corrections for your homework if you are going to do after 9 Pm of the previous day.

Q6) Can Students from overseas join this WhatsApp English Course?
A: It's not needed to be sceptical about the possibility of receiving the lecture or completing your tasks from an another country. As it is online, we could serve you wherever you reside. A lot of expats have already reviewed on our Google page saying they feel this method is more reliable.

Q7) What do you teach the students?
A: We teach real life English without grammar titles. Almost all aspects of this language will be taught to you by the guides and also by our trainers. 

Q8) What else will be taught?
A: In a nutshell, everything. All in detail about the English Language, different usages, common usages, real life situations and handling it wisely in English, personality tips, Interview tips, correct pronunciation, vocabulary and examples, gap fillers, life hacks, motivation, usages at a bank & restaurant, email and letter writing, giving directions, common errors and its right form, etc.

Q9) What other courses do you put forward?
A: Apart from the courses we provide now, we look forward to working on courses like IELTS, PTE, OET, PDIT (Personality Development & Interview Training),   Business English and Elementary English.

Q10) How is the credibility or Feedback from your students?
A: Let our students give the answer for this important and valuable question!. Click the link;0,7& 

Q11) Is there any kind of free service you offer?
A: Yes. After joining the course, you will be guided for 2 to 3 months for which the fee is applicable. Thereafter, you will be served with some videos or tips quite often and we will be happy to help you clear your doubts until AngloFone is there. So expect our services free of cost for decades.

Q12) Will AngloFone return the fee if the course is found unworthy?
A: It is an honour to say that no one has ever asked for the fees back. Not only that, some have even joined from the Beginnner Course to the Median Course as they found this is the only and the easiest way to learn English through the online media.
But answering to the question let us say that, we will provide you your money if you aren't happy with our service, you could ask for the same within the first 5 days. 

Q13) Will this really help students?
A: The answer is here. 
Click the link;0,7&

Q14) How much time per day is required to learn?
A: If you could spend 30 minutes each day, that would be more than sufficient.

Q15) Can we call the trainers on phone?
A: Yes, that's why we have them here. You can call them and ask for any doubt that pops up in your brain. You can also complete the tasks by speaking with them on phone.

Q16) Why to learn English from you when there are many videos and audios on YouTube and Internet?
A: This question really makes us happy for many reasons. It is a pride for us to answer. Unlike YouTube and other online teaching platforms, we provide you with some homework and an individual trainer. On YouTube you can't do that, obviously. I hope this made the answer.

Q17) What is the course fee?
A: Beginner - 3000 INR for complete 2.5 months
    Median   -  4000 INR for complete 3 months
    Competent - 6000 INR for one month 

Q18) How should we pay the fees?
A: Banks:  Federal Bank (Current Account), 
    upi : GPay, Paytm & phone pay

Q19) Where is your office located and can we pay a visit?
A: You are most welcome. Even we would be delighted if you come and speak with our counsellors, guides and trainers.

Address is AngloFone Education, 2nd Floor, AIC RAISE, Rathinam Techzone Campus,
Pollachi Main Road, Eachanari,
Coimbatore-641 021
Tamil Nadu.

If you still have doubts, Kindly call our student counsellors. They would be happy to guide you with.


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